Stone Cold

People come in and out of our lives almost instantaneously. Whether it be a friendship coming to an end, a breakup, or the death of a loved one, we all at some point or another must learn how to be okay to let go of someone we care about.

Stone Cold – A Movement Piece was a collaborative work that I got to produce and co-direct. I took all my personal experiences when it came to having to let go and learn to be happy afterward and created the concept for this video. Not only am I extremely proud of the final product, but I got to work alongside my very close friends to help create something that means so much to me. To whom ever watches this video, I sincerely hope this movement piece finds a special place in your heart as it certainly does for me.

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"Stone Cold" - originally performed by Demi Lovato Written by: Demi Lovato, Laleh Pourkarim, Gustaf Thörn Produced by: Demi Lovato, Laleh Pourkarim, Gustaf Thörn Label: Safehouse Records, Hollywood Records, Island Records. 

All song rights go to their original owners, we do not claim any ownership to “Stone Cold”. Please support Demi Lovato by purchasing her latest album “Confident”:


Cast (in order of appearance):
Braelyn Guppy
Gavin Massey
Dayton Hill
Clara Eaton

Mikael M. Melo
Sagi Kahane-Rapport
Dominik Haake
Shane Nachi Robbins
Emily Eymundson
Michael Carlucci
Izabella Sowka
Taylor Yates
Alan Jiefan Law
Trey Robinson

Special Thanks:
Crimson Fish
Dancemakers (Studio 314)
RCDS (Ryerson Communication & Design Society)
Andrew Nguyen Wild Ink Media (