We provide financial support for student-lead groups, projects, and events. Funding is allocated through a pitch process via the Board of Directors or the Small Project Funding Committee (SPFC). Our Finance team can assist with anything from helping to prepare your pitch, to giving you a better understanding of budgeting, accounting, or our bylaws.


Prepare your pitch

To be eligible to pitch, you must be a current FCAD student, working a project that impacts FCAD and Ryerson students. Your Executive team must be made up of at least 51% FCAD Students. Collaboration among different school is highly encouraged. See what you should have ready before you contact us below.

budget consultation

Our finance team will meet with you to go over your budget and make sure it is ready for your pitch. At this time, you will get critiques on sources of funding, budget presentation and RCDS bylaws.

Financial Documents


Financial Policies

Last Updated: 11/3/2016

Financial Policies are important rules that detail restrictions on funding.


RCDS Budget Template

The RCDS Budget Template is a tool to help you build a budget for your project/initiative/group/event.

RCDS Cheque Req. Form

The Cheque Requisitions Form allows students who have been approved for funding to be reimbursed for their expenses.

Project Funding Application

The Project Funding Application must be completed in order to start the pitch process.



How to Pitch - Step by Step

  1. Prepare your pitch and fill out the Project Funding Application (see above)
    It requires and must be accompanied by the following:

    1. Time/Date/Location of your initiative, project or event
    2. Who is working on your initiative, project or event, with at least 51% of your executive team being FCAD students
    3. A detailed budget (income estimate, expense estimate and net estimate)
    4. Indicate another prospective source of funding (NOTE: you don't absolutely need to have another source of funding secured, but you must show that you are looking at alternate sources)
    5. Understand RCDS pillars and values (hey we have this website where you can learn all of this!)
    6. Familiarize yourself with the funding policies (see documents above) and make sure you are adhering to them
    7. Prepare a short powerpoint style presentation with all this information and any visual aids you may have
    8. Send your completed Project Funding Application to
  2. Set up a budget consultation
    Our finance team needs to meet with you before you pitch as they'll answer any questions you may have. They will also go over your budget with you, in order to make sure it's ready for the pitch process. This is to help you succeed with your pitch, and will be arranged once receives your completed Project Funding Application.
  3. Go through the pitch process
    For the pitch process, you'll get 5 minutes to present and 10 minutes for questions
    Depending on how much you are asking for, you will be pitching to different groups.
    If you are pitching for $7,999.99 and under, you will be pitching to the Small Project Funding Committee (SPFC), and if you are pitching for $8,000.00 to $10,000.00, you will be pitching to the Board of Directors.
  4. If funded, be sure to do some accounting! Yay!
    Ah yes, accounting. It's important to keep track of your specific purchases and the exact amount of money you spend. Keep all your receipts to properly submit cheque requisition forms, and keep all this information in a spreadsheet. These numbers are called "actuals"; you will have income actuals and expense actuals.
    Afterwards, it can be good to compare this to your budget estimates, to see if your estimates were accurate or not, in case you plan to complete the project on an ongoing basis.
  5. When your Project/Initiative/Event is complete:
    You will need to submit a debrief package so we can share your success with the world! The form is a series of questions and will ask for some highlights and pictures. This is your time to brag! Please, brag away!

For other inquires, or questions regarding finance please contact the Vice President of Finance by clicking here