Style Circle: New Website!

The 2017/2018 year has been a very exciting year for StyleCircle so far. Since becoming an
independent student group under the RCDS in 2015, we have produced two issues of our annual
publication, had a successful launch and sale of our second issue and seen a great increase in our
engagement on social media. This year, we’ve hired our largest and most enthusiastic team to date, have started up a new fashion podcast (coming soon) and are planning the launch of the third issue of The Book by StyleCircle.

With all these exciting projects happening, we realized that our namesake website wasn’t
getting the attention it deserved. While was clean cut and easy to use, it was just an ordinary WordPress blog. It lacked the originality and professionalism we worked so hard to achieve in our print publication. So, this year’s first major project was to revamp our website by giving its appearance a little TLC.

After a four month process and countless hours of mock-up editing, rallying with our coder and
developer and updating old and new site content, photos and graphics, has a brand new look and feel. Its clean palette, unique layout and heavy focus on visuals provides the ideal platform to present the work of our writers, photographers and graphic designers at the front and centre. The new website is professional and original, matching the clean, professional look of our namesake publication.

Being able to develop an original WordPress theme specifically for StyleCircle was an exciting learning experience with some great results.

Of course, this project would have never been completed without its fair share of headaches,
but thanks to the RCDS and the hard work of our developer, we were able to provide our members with a brand new website to showcase their work and give them the digital publishing experience they deserve. We’re looking forward to showing off its new design through a variety of new web content this  year and the third issue of The Book.

Keep up with us by following us @stylecircle and check out the new website design at