Otto + Taiji

on august 24th, we hosted our first event: a launch party. we had installation and interactive

work and prints and video interviews. we saw a lot of the same faces and saw some faces we didn’t know but now we do.

we got a chance to read some of FCAD students’ thoughts on themselves as artists, on art itself, and on the label “artist”. we hope to, in the future, interact with as many creative young people as possible, and facilitate interactions between them as well. we’re scared to call ourselves artists and we know a lot of others are too. join us as we continue as a no follow us on instagram (ottotaiji) and like us on facebook (@ottotaiji) to keep up with new initiatives, and for ways you can get involved. we will be doing a call out for artists,photographers, and designers alike in the very near future so keep an eye out!

a huge thank you to both the RCDS and Lost Craft Brewery for all the support. we are v thankful at this time!