RADmag (2015)

Coming into its third year of existence, RADmag, Ryerson’s Art and Design Magazine
has flourished under the new support of RCDS. We have found that to be successful, you must
surround yourselves with like minded people. This year marked the publication of our fourth
issue and expanded presence on campus and online. We won Gold at the Sappi North
American Printing Awards 2015, and developed relationships with Swipe Books, Likely General,
and Quantum Coffee.

RADmag has become a well-known brand on campus and drove crowds to a number of events such as our college event in the lobby of the SLC, and our two launch events for issue 03 and 04; the most recent taking place March 24th, where we took student submissions to create a gallery night experience. These ideals of collaboration and mutual support are what the magazine was founded on. RADmag is a group and an institution that strives to support and
develop young Canadian artists in the mediums of photography, fashion, and interior design.

Looking to next year, RADmag will be making some changes. Not only have we just
finished shooting our first ever in­house RADmag editorial, but we are also going to strive to be
involved in student’s editorials and projects. We are a team of talented creatives that want other Ryerson creatives to succeed. Next year we will offer our time collaboratively in order to develop high quality work for students in FCAD so that they may submit work to us as well as have something for their portfolio. We are also focusing on our online content more than ever. Look out for our blog this year, where we aim to be Ryerson’s top lifestyle and art blog.
Just as art and fashion change, so does the group that is RADmag. Next year, with some fresh
faces and new creative eyes, the magazine will grow to welcome new opportunities and