CICU: Tax Night

CICU is the Creative Industries Course Union.

One of the key ‘real life’ skills people complain about not learning in school is how to do your
taxes. On January 15th, the Creative Industries Course Union worked towards solving that
problem. Their Tax Night event brought in speaker Lisa Gittens, H&R Block Senior Tax
Professional, to give students a wide variety of insights as to how to go about this daunting
challenge. Tips given include when you should file your taxes, the tax breaks available to
students, and how freelancers can handle income.

This event, hosted in the Sandbox by DMZ and sponsored by the RCDS, was open to all
Ryerson students and aimed to help fill the gap in real-world education that many students have
around personal taxes. The event was informative, educational, and a hit among all who

For those interested in the lecture content, the slides can be found at This
event was hosted by the Creative Industries Course Union (@CRIunion), a group that hosts a
variety of events for students from all Ryerson programs throughout the year. Stay tuned for our
upcoming Panel!