Angelo Pileggi

Director, School of Performance

I am a 4th year Production student in the School of Performance here at Ryerson University. While serving as the RSP Director, I will also be working as a Co-President of the program's Course Union (RSPSU) as well as working in the Customer Service field at a grocer in Vaughan and continuing to be one of the biggest Lady Gaga fans in the GTA.

I'm exciting to connect Students of Performance to other students within FCAD this year. Each program has so many opportunities for the individual Program's students, but I hope to begin bridging the gap between the these opportunities and give each student in FCAD the same experiences to move forward in their post-secondary education.

This is my first time on a Board of Directors and I hope to learn how to best serve students as we move forward with the 2017/18 year. Feel free to connect with me via email or Facebook if you have questions/comments/concerns and I'll be sure to reach out and conclude how to serve you, the students, the performers, best.